Meet our amazing team


I have over 20 years experience as a Physio working mainly with older people and 5 years ago trained as a Counsellor at Keele University. I have also worked supporting people with Dementia and their carers. All this inspired the start of Connect For Life – I am passionate about encouraging people, especially those affected by dementia or memory loss, to continue to enjoy life, have opportunities to socialise, have fun and be listened to.

Project Co-ordinator


Volunteering is at the very core of being human, no one has got through life without someone else to help. The service users at Connect for Life will touch my heart for the rest of my life.



I hold CFL close to my heart . I have experienced how rewarding it is to see individuals come alive
through reminiscing, conversation and laughter. Perhaps times have moved on, age has overtaken
but when bringing memories to the forefront of the mind it's not long before we smile. It’s
wonderful to see the animation. Through weekly activities we become one united group looking
forward together.




Being at Connect for Life is very encouraging to see the smiles and happy faces on those who come and enjoy their four hours with us each week



I recently retired after nursing for 29 years and was looking for some volunteer work when I found Connect for Life. I enjoy meeting new people and working in a  caring enviroment. Volunteering allows me to give something back to the community in my retirement.


I find volunteering at Connect for Life a very postivie and rewarding experience. It is a great place to meet new people and make new friends.



Seeing the Service users enjoying the varied activities we do at CFl is very rewarding for me as a volunteer. Such a lovely group of volunteers. 




My first acquaintance with CFL was when I gave a talk as Oswestry's Town Crier. The volunteers were having their photo's taken and I asked 'Where are all the male volunteers?' When the answer was 'we don't have any at the moment'' I decided to offer. There is nothing difficult about the work, and you will become part of a very worthwhile, friendly organisation.



It is a joy to volunteer at such a well organised day centre. Seeing the engagement and smiles on
the faces of the service users says it all.


I love coming to Connect for Life and seeing the clients laughing and participating in the activities together. They always seem to have a great time and go home smiling



I first heard about Connect For Life when my sister in law asked me to help her with an activity.

As a holistic practitioner I have been unable to practise during the pandemic, so I decided to join the group to help people in a different way, I love it. I am learning a lot, expanding my knowledge and finding it truly fulfilling. I don't know who has more fun, myself or the service users!!




I find volunteering for Connect For Life very fulfilling and interesting. I am constantly learning and I get back far more than I put in.



I come from a nursing background and have worked in the charity sector for many years. I enjoy every minute of volunteering. The team genuinely care here and are so supportive and dedicated to the service users . No two days are the same. Seeing the attendees forming new friendships, having fun, joining in activities, even in some small way, is so rewarding. There is always a buzz of cheerfulness, laughter and accomplishment within the group, which is very infectious. I feel very privileged to be part of this wonderful supportive service.


I really enjoy being part of the CFL family. It's lovely to get out and meet new people.



I was interested in volunteering having experienced the effect dementia has on family and carers. The activities are always fun and it is rewarding seeing how much the service users enjoy the sessions.




I have decided to volunteer at my local Connect For Life group because my Mum suffered from dementia and I feel I can give something back in her memory.


I have experienced the effect of dementia as my mother lived with it for many years. This is motivation to help support Connect For Life.



I love helping at Connect for Life as I enjoy spending time with the service users and hearing all their interesting stories. I also enjoy being part of the volunteer team!



Trustee and Volunteer

I saw that Connect for Life wanted some help with lunches and am fortunate enough to have time on Wednesday midday. I have been helping deliver, serve and wash up for a few months now and really enjoy talking to the clients and supporting the professionals. It is a privilege to be involved.


I have 30 years experience as a Physiotherapist, with various roles. I have been involved with research involving people with memory difficulties.  I have also been involved in voluntary sector organisations which support families and carers.

I wholeheartedly agree with the Christian ethos of Connect for Life and its passion to improve the lives of people with memory difficulties, their carers and wider family.

Chair of the trustees


I have been fortunate enough to work with Connect For Life since January 2020 completing admin tasks as and when they are needed. Since a family member was diagnosed with Dementia and I witnessed first hand how difficult things became, I have felt incredibly grateful to work with such a caring charity and really hope I've been able to give something back, in some small way. 



I like to help out the guys at Connect For Life in any way I can. With currently studying to be a Social Worker, supporting vulnerable people will be eventually my career. So what a better place to start than at Connect For Life.



Grant Fundraising

I've worked in Charity Sector for 33 years developing front line services. I have watched the Connect For Life Team using their gifts and talents to support vulnerable people and it's a pleasure to 'volunteer' looking for funding to develop the work.