We are pleased to say that Connect For Life is restarting some face to face sessions from 9th and 10th Sept. The sessions will be in a different format (shorter and fewer attendees) to be as low risk as possible.


We are looking forward to welcoming back many of our service users and will continue to support those who dont feel able to come back yet. We are taking referrals although places are limited so please get in touch for further information and details.

Welcome to Connect For Life

Meet others : Build connections

What We Do

Connect for Life is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation located in the heart of Oswestry, Shropshire. 

We provide a day support service for older people, particularly those with memory loss or dementia where they can 'meet others and build connections'. 

We offer a wide variety of stimulating activities in a safe, welcoming, caring environment.

Our sessions are held every

Wednesday and Thursday

10.30am to 2.30pm.

Connect for Life strives to enhance the lives of those we come into contact with. Our sessions run in accordance with Christian principles, promoting mutual respect, acceptance and valuing individual contributions.

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“Everyone accepts you as you are and it’s always a happy place to come to”

Service User who has dementia

“I am so glad to have that time to myself even if I am busy I can just think of myself for a while”

Carer whose husband has Alzheimers

“A project which offers a stimulating and varied programme of activities for people with varying degrees of dementia”

Service User who has dementia


Access to peer support

We provide an environment where people can offer support to one another whether it be as carers or people with life restricting health conditions


Friendships can blossom, experiences can be shared.

Stimulating Activities

Providing a mixture of brain stimulating, relaxing and informative activities enabling people to increase their sense of well-being and sense of worth.
Activities which create laughter, stimulate memory, competitive spirit, team work and fun.

Decrease Isolation

One of our goals is to decrease social isolation by providing a place where people can meet others and build connections

Respite for Carers

We offer a safe place for their cared for to attend for a number of hours in a day allowing them some time for themselves

 We are aware that there are many older people in socially isolated situations, carers who are in need of a few hours respite and people being diagnosed with dementia or have concerns about their memory.


We are committed to providing a service which is welcoming, caring and stimulating with the aim of increasing people’s self esteem and their sense of well being.We will provide activities to stimulate the brain, opportunities for people to try new skills, talk about their situations and have fun. 

Contact Us

Day Centre Address (please note this is not a postal address):

Gatacre Pavilion, Oswestry, SY11 1DR



Alison Humphreys - 07582207972

Alison Humphreys - 07582207972

Registered Charity No. 1171169